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How to Host an Affordably Catered Event

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Anyone who has ever found himself or herself responsible for planning an event will understand the squeeze of cost obligations. Whether it’s a large family reunion, a small family gathering, or even a corporate event, when you’re responsible, cost takes on a whole new dimension.

It’s never just about the food. What about drinks, entertainment, decorations, and the other sundry accessories that go into making a party what it is? These all cost money and take time to provide for.

Lucky for you, you’re tuned into your source for good advice, especially when it comes down to affordable catering in Philadelphia. If you have an event coming up, whether it’s a holiday party, a wedding, a birthday, or anything of that nature, these tips will help you keep costs where they should be – down.

Choose your drink selection wisely

Whatever the big day in question happens to be about, being smart about the drink selection you offer will go a long way towards keeping things affordable. Actually, if you haven’t noticed, this is where some providers make their bread and butter – with drinks. Drinks are expensive, and some of the highest markups are charged in association with them.

When you’re responsible for the party, you can take the reins. Buy no more than you need to offer your guests, and be conscientious about the costs of what you pick out. If you’ll be hosting any “label-sensitive” participants, then think about decanting the drinks before handing them out.

An even better idea is to use a decanter or another pretty vessel to distribute refreshments. Then, none will be the wiser to the label du jour, and you’ll add some class to the presentation – you score twice.

Ask guests to bring their own little specialties to complement the meal

There’s nothing wrong with stretching out a menu as far as your ingenuity can take it, and you can do this by asking guests to chip in a little bit if they so choose.

You don’t need to ask them to help pay for catering services – that’s not what we mean at all. Quite the contrary, some home cooks are very proud of their little specialties and would be delighted to offer them to a group.

Asl for appetizers, snacks, desserts, and other treats. These will draw out the length of a meal and give it extra depth – all at no extra cost to the host.

Buy decorations and extras in bulk

One of the many secrets to hosting a successful event, even with some secret assistance (think “catering near me”) is to set off the scene for success.

This includes but is not limited to decorations, place settings, music, and other entertainment, and more. As for decorations, try to buy those that can be reused, that way you can scale the cost over time.

As far as napkins and other disposables are concerned, buy in bulk if you can and save what you don’t use for next time. You pay more upfront and save long term – napkins, cups and other similar items don’t go bad, remember.

Work with a Philadelphia catering company to choose cost-effective options

Then, Philly catering itself can help you keep the costs down. Call us up at our Philadelphia waterfront location at Penn’s landing (or whichever location is closest to you) and speak to one of our customer service representatives about setting up an affordable menu.

We’ll work with you to determine how much you need to offer and even help you pick out selections that are optimized for value!

Don’t over-order

Another thing to remember is not to overorder, and we can help out with that. A lot of hosts take the stance that they need to offer too much, but this is often a mistake. You shouldn’t let plates suffer for want of a second helping, but throwing food away is a sin – and remember our point above. You can pad the official offering with the other refreshments that your guests bring.

Take help where you can get it!

Finally, take the other help that’s in front of you. For one thing, we offer affordable catering services in the Philadelphia area, but we help you save in more ways than one.

For one thing, our excellent customer service comes as part and parcel of the offering and there are no additional charges for the high level of service that we provide. In addition, we also offer free delivery to our customers on catered orders – check the link above to learn more.

These are some of our best secrets on how you can help keep costs down for your hosted events, and how food services in Philadelphia, PA can help. Getting to throwing the perfect party or hosting the ideal event all starts with a call, though, and we’re waiting for you. See the link above and call one of our locations today to get started.

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