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Why “Catering Near Me” Is a Great Idea

catering near me

You have an important event coming up, and you need to start getting ready for it before it happens. Maybe it’s a small wedding reception, maybe it’s a holiday party, and maybe it’s just a gathering of friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time. Even if it’s just lunch for your coworkers or office mates, the first thing you’re probably going to do is pull out your phone and type in “catering near me,” which is going to put you in touch with a number of providers for catering in Philadelphia.

You’re probably interested in choosing the option that will present you with the best catering in Philadelphia, which is a valid concern (spoiler: you’re here right now) but you might not even have thought about the implications of local catering, which is too bad, because, as it turns out, there really are a lot of advantages to working with a local caterer, which for you, means choosing a Philadelphia catering company with a proven track record. Here’s why local matters most:

  1. Sustainability

A lot of the benefit of working with a local caterer for food services for your event, whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, or a family reunion, comes from the sustainability of the process.

That sustainability, however, can be broken down into a few different components, and it doesn’t really do any justice to the claim simply to say that “local is sustainable” so here are some of the selling points of sustainability.

  • Local sourcing

When you buy local, you won’t just be supporting the local farmers and sellers in your area (which in our case, means supporting the Philadelphia area) but you’ll also be guaranteeing the freshness of the food you eat and thus offer to your guests.

  • Diminished carbon footprint

In addition to guaranteeing freshness, buying local means that foodstuffs need to travel less distance to get to you, which has less of an impact on the environment. Buying locally sourced food means burning fewer fossil fuels in trucks, trains, and ships, and spending less on refrigeration to keep them fresh as well.

  • Better for the community

Finally, buying local means supporting local businesses and farmers that are a part of our community. When you search for “catering near me” you’re not just helping the environment, you’re really helping your friends and neighbors who live and work here.

  1. Better Customer Service – We Know the Local Market

In addition to sustainability, a local caterer just knows the market better. Here at Waterfront Gourmet, like many of the rest of you, we eat (literally) breathe and sleep all things Philadelphia. We know what our customers need and we know how to deliver it, whether that means a custom menu or whipping up unique, original dishes to give you a new lease on your appreciation for fresh flavors.

  1. Services Specialized to the Time of Day, Year, or Occasion

Working with a local caterer like Waterfront Gourmet will also renew your sense of appreciation for service, especially service that is custom-tailored to the time of day or year, or to a specific occasion. For example, we’re one of the few full-service catering companies to offer breakfast catering in Philadelphia, though we also offer lunch catering services, wedding catering services, corporate catering services, and much more.

  1. Cost Savings

Buying local will save you money not only because local caterers are closer to you, physically, but when you work with the right local caterer there are some other perks we can offer. For example, we save you a little extra money by offering free delivery on catered orders – just call us to learn more.

  1. Convenience

Finally, since we’re a member of your community and essentially in the backyard, we can offer you a lot of conveniences as well, including freshness and time savings. For one thing, we prepare all catered orders freshly for delivery, which means your food could be fresher. We’re closer, too, which means we’ll get it to you when you need it!

Don’t Delay, Call Us Today!

As you can see, there is a consequence to that search for “catering near me” that you might not even have noticed. In your search for a quick fix for your upcoming event, you might have passed over some of the most important considerations you could make for your guests and for your community. Lucky for you, all of these benefits come as part and parcel of working with us here at Waterfront Gourmet, so the perks are on us.

Consult our page of Waterfront Gourmet locations and our gourmet menu, and call us at the one nearest you so we can get to work putting together a selection of offerings that will delight all of your guests, from the pickiest eater to the one with the healthiest appetite. We’ll be your best friend and your biggest asset when you’re planning an event – just let us show you how we do it!

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